Debt-Free Forever

Gail in the Media

View Gail's interview on CBC Canada's Steven and Chris show (segment begins a little before the 23-minute mark).

Praise for Debt-Free Forever

"Vaz-Oxlade has tied together all the advice she has given over eight seasons of Til Debt Do Us Part in her latest book-Debt-Free Forever . . . She writes the way she talks, so the book is entertaining and easy to read. Many of the tips are useful even for those who aren't in debt."

Windsor Star

"If you haven't discovered Gail Vaz-Oxlade, host of Til Debt Do Us Part, you should. [Her] no-nonsense manner and concrete advice is entertaining on television-but also a useful way to start the process of getting control of your money."

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"There are so many more people who should be watching Gail's show and taking her advice. It's a great feeling to put your head down on the pillow at night and not worry about how all the bills will be paid. Life is too short. We don't NEED all that stuff. There is a beautiful world out there to enjoy . . . Thanks Gail-keep up the great work!!!"


"I came across [Gail's] name in a Globe and Mail article some months ago, and found [her] website. What an eye-opener! . . . When I really looked, I found many places where we could save money with little or no sacrifice. Thanks, Gail, for all your cheerful advice."


"Gail, thanks for your show. I watch three episodes a day and it helps me stay motivated to do the things I know I should do with my money . . . I've been working as a freelance artist, curator, and teacher but I'm planning on taking a 2-year sabbatical from this type of work to earn at least $35,000 per year to retire my and my husband's student loans. And it was your show that gave me the reality check to do this."


"My fiancée MADE me watch your show . . . Your program has helped us carve out a bright future together . . . Most of all, your MAGIC JARS have filled us both with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, and security to deal with anything life may throw at us!"


"I used to think I'd never get out of this mess . . . [After watching your show] I have learned to cut back, and when I leave school to finally start my life I know I will be on the right track . . . Thank you for inspiring me to change my life."


"I have started to use the tools that I learned from Til Debt Do Us Part, and I am amazed at how life-altering getting control of your finances can be . . . I have been using the jars and keeping track of everything I spend, [and] I have seen a major difference in my finances . . . Thank you Gail."